Say What Now? 13-Year-Old Double Murder Suspect Escapes Custody, Turned Back In By His Own Mother

We’re not sure where to start here…

A 13-year-old who was arrested for double murder escaped from custody earlier this week. His mother found him and turned him in.

via NYDN:

The 13-year-old boy, identified only as Jericho W., was turned over to U.S. Marshals around 10 p.m. Wednesday and taken back to Cumberland Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Fayetteville, the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Jericho, who is accused of two counts of first-degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon, was in court Tuesday around 12:10 p.m. when he slipped away from court marshals and escaped, wearing leg restraints and no shoes.

“Division officials have a high degree of concern for the safety of both the juvenile and the public, due to a prior history of assaultive and unpredictable behavior,” the North Carolina Department of Public Safety wrote on Facebook after his escape.

It’s still unclear exactly how Jericho was able to evade authorities.

Details on the teen’s alleged crimes were not released by officials, but WTVD reported that he and a 19-year-old man were facing charges in connection with the murders of two brothers in Lumberton. The bodies of Frank Thomas, 34 and Adam Thomas, 33, were found in their own home on Oct. 15.

“Sheriff Wilkins stated that he is grateful for the outcome of this search and thanks everyone for their assistance during the investigation,” the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

This is wild.

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