Say What Now? $110K in Cash Falls Out of DUI Suspect's Dress During Her Arrest

A North Carolina woman had $110,000 hidden inside her dress at the time she plowed through a crowd of people in a Harley-Davidson shop parking lot.

Thankfully, the only person reported injured was a man sitting near the stage.

She was arrested on DUI charges.

via NYDN:

Catherine Allford reportedly told cops she was fresh off of back surgery and “probably took too many pain pills” before plowing through the customer appreciation day celebration Sunday. The 63-year-old woman was reportedly oblivious to civilians yelling at her to stop as her vehicle rolled through the cordoned off parking lot and toward a concert stage.

She eventually hit a curb and was unable to drive any further. Allford then reportedly threw her car into reverse, but hit another curb while trying to leave the accident scene. Witnesses surrounded the grey sports car and waited for law enforcement to arrive. When cops got there, the car’s engine was still running and Allford appeared to be crying, the report said.

Officers tried removing the woman from her vehicle, but she allegedly went limp. That’s when bundles of $10,000 cash fell from under Allford’s dress. A deputy also found a $100 bill in Allford’s underwear, according to NBC. She and her husband work in real estate.

Allford was released on $15,000 bond after being charged with DUI, DUI with damage to property or person, leaving the scene of a crash involving injuries, and refusal to submit to DUI testing.

We’re not ones to start sh*t, but it LOOKS like she might of robbed her supplier and hit it!

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