Say It Ain't So! Internet's Favorite Gay Dads Kordale & Kaleb Break Up...Over the 'Weedman'? [Photos]

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When photos of dads Kaleb Anthony and Kordale Lewis raising their three children went viral a little over a year ago, their lives changed forever.

Apparently, things didn’t quite work out and now they’ve ended their engagement in a pretty public way.

Kaleb took to their joint Instagram page to air out their dirty laundry, starting with a self-captioned ‘#Petty’ post referring to a ‘weedman’.

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Kaleb  then went on to post a lengthy letter vowing to remain in their kids lives although he refuses to be ‘disrespected’ by Kordale.

“I cannot sit here and act like I was not part of the demise of ‘KordalenKaleb,’ but at no point do I or anyone else deserve to be disrespected the way I was and to continue it on while we’re together as a family on vacation,” he pointed out.

Check out Caleb’s full message below…

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Earlier this year, Kaleb and Kordale’s family was featured in Nikon’s ‘I Am Generation’ ad campaign. Nikon released a statement to Page Six saying:

“We are aware of the news and wish the best to Kordale, Kaleb and their entire family. We were happy to have them participate in our campaign and there were no plans to extend marketing efforts with any of the featured participants.”

It’s sad to see their relationship end so publicly. We wish everyone — especially the kids — the best.

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