Say It Ain’t So! LeToya Luckett’s Husband Reportedly Cheated on Her, Side Chick Threatens to Release Videos

LeToya Luckett’s husband, Tommicus Walker, has been accused of cheating on her with another woman — all while she’s due to give birth to their second child.

According to The Shade Room, an Instagram model from Dallas claims she and Tommicus have been having an affair.

The outlet alleges that the woman approached them with video of a man who resembled Tommicus sleeping in a hotel room, then another video that appeared to have been taken after they had sex.

”We were able to check out the videos and the man in the video very closely resembles Tommi Walker and even has a very similar tattoo on his leg that reads “Ruby,” TSR writes.

The woman says that she’s more than willing to share the videos in public and claims that she’s not the only woman Tommicus was creeping around with.

Neither Tommicus nor LeToya have commented on the matter — but this doesn’t sound good. This is the LAST thing LeToya needs during a pregnancy.

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