Sam Asghari Claimed Britney Spears Attacked Him in His Sleep, Also Seeks Spousal Support

Sam Asghari cited “irreconcilable differences” in his petition for divorce from Britney Spears.,

The petition, filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles on Wednesday, also states the Asghari will seek spousal support from his estranged wife. It states that Asghari is requesting that Spears pay for his attorneys fees.

“Petitioner has yet to determine the full nature and extent of the separate property assets and obligations of each party,” the filing states. “Petitioner reserves the right to amend this Petition or to conform the Petition to proof.”

Sources tell TMZ, Sam frequently complained about Britney getting physical with him during their 7 years together. We’re told there have been numerous fights where security has had to step in, but in one instance there was no security in sight.

Our sources say there was one occasion where Sam says he was sleeping in their bed when Britney flew off the handle and began punching him. We’re told Sam did not strike back, but was stunned as his wife pummeled him.

We’re told that alleged incident went down early this year, right around the time Sam was photographed with a black eye and bite marks on his forearm.

Paparazzi noticed the bruising and tried to ask Sam about it, but he tried to play it off … asking photogs not to shoot him.

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