Safaree Samuels Opts Out More Babies Because Erica Mena 'Got Too Big' During First Pregnancy [Video]

Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena welcomed their first child in 2020, and it appears the couple have no plans to expand their family anytime soon. During an episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Secrets Unlocked,” Mena made the surprise confession that her hubby doesn’t want to have another child with her over concerns about her weight.

via: AceShowbiz

Safaree Samuels and wife Erica Mena share one daughter together, but it seems like the rapper isn’t planning to expand their family. In a recent episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Secrets Unlocked”, Erica revealed that Safaree didn’t want more kids because Erica got too fat during her first pregnancy.

“Tell them why you don’t want another one,” Erica said to her husband while joining other castmates virtually. “Cause I got too big during my pregnancy… You say it all the time. You mentioned my stomach afterwards. You said, ‘You got too big, I got too big. I don’t want to be fat, again.’ That’s what you said.”

Their fellow “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” co-stars were shocked upon hearing the revelation. While Safaree tried to explain himself, Ray J suggested him to “apologize especially on camera.” That prompted Ray’s wife Princess Love” to say, “Why are you telling him to say sorry when you never said sorry for anything in your life?”

Meanwhile, Safaree said that he’s actually open to more kids, but with a twist. If they ever have another kid, he wants them to “let someone else carry it.”

Twitter users were quick to drag Safaree for his remark. “Safaree is trash for not wanting to have a baby because Erica got too fat with the first one that’s superficial and petty af he should be lucky she wants to be with his lame corny ass in the first place,” one fan wrote.

“Safaree telling Erica that they can’t have no more kids cause she got too fat is exactly why I say looks are one thing but it’s not the persons looks that’s gonna go through life raise kids and support you it’s their mindset. Suppose sumn happen where she ill and gains weight ?” another fan questioned.

Another comment read, “Safaree straight up told his wife Erica Mena he doesn’t want to have another kid with her because he doesn’t like her body when she’s pregnant & he’ll only do it if they have a surrogate. WOW.” Also slamming Safaree, one person tweeted, “Safaree telling Erica Mena that he doesn’t want anymore kids because she got too fat having the last one is really the sickest s**t ever. Imagine risking life & limb to birth a n***a’s big headed a**s baby & he tells you that.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, Safaree stays saying some dumb stuff.

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