So Sad: ‘Where We About to Eat At’ Viral Star Antwain Fowler Dies at 6 [Video] |

So Sad: ‘Where We About to Eat At’ Viral Star Antwain Fowler Dies at 6 [Video]

Antwain Fowler, the 6-year-old internet personality who went viral for asking “where we about to eat at?,” has died.

He was only 6-years-old.

via Complex:

The young man, who captivated thousands with his hilarious clips-turned-Twitter-reactions, was filmed in the hospital by his mother China over the last few months. It is unclear what Antwain died from, but he’s been battling autoimmune enteropathy, a condition that inhibits the body’s ability to absorb nutrition, since 2015, according to a GoFundMe page.

“Antwain has been hospitalized a countless number of times due to his poor condintion,” the fundraiser reads. “Antwain has undergone over 25 surgeries. Like normal infants Antwain was unable to drink milk, or eat solid foods during his earlier childhood.”

Of course, Antwain is best known for his “where we bout to eat at” clip, where he asks his mother what’s up for food while jokingly sinking into a car seat. Another clip he’s well known for is his “is that me” video, where he points to a front-facing camera and questions if the child in the reflection is, in fact, him.

“The pain in my heart is like no other, why God,” China wrote on Instagram. “Never in a million years, My heart is out my chest,” she wrote in the caption. On her main page, China added that the pain was “unbearable.”

We extend our love to China and the rest of Fowler’s family and loved ones during this difficult time. You can donate to his family’s GoFundMe here.

RIP, Antwain. Thanks for making the internet a little brighter.


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