Russell Simmons Praises “Baby Bro” Usher For “Generosity” After Bali Visit |

Russell Simmons Praises “Baby Bro” Usher For “Generosity” After Bali Visit

Russell Simmons is spending a lot of time in Bali doing yoga, and it looks like a special someone recently popped by to visit him.

via: Vibe

Continuing his Asian excursion, Usher has traveled to Bali and made sure to visit Russell Simmons.

In social media posts shared on Sunday (March 3), Simmons highlighted the depth of their relationship and, shared gratitude to the R&B singer for his time.

The first upload shared footage welcoming the “No Limit” performer to the country with a lavish floral pool. Set to Beyoncé’s “Love On Top” the post cycles through images of yoga routines, group photos, and more.

“When i was at the lowest point in my life i woke up and this man was sitting by my bed .. i had known usher since he was a kid but we really bonded because of our mutual love for self discovery and our belief in Yogic science as a direct route to realizing Gods conciousness in ourselves,” detailed the caption.

“People remember to remember this ..a friend walks in when others walk out … i will never forget the generosity of spirit i witnessed in this man God bless you baby bro.”

A second upload hours later shared more footage of the yoga experience with Simmons, Usher, and others.

“Morning flow with a bunch of really happy Bali friends the generosity of spirit exuded by my friend @usher was amazing Fyi people were / are always so happy to be in his presence …so when i / they practice with him its a honor and privilege but the presence and attention he gives to each person is a gift its tough to be present with so many of us ” fans,” wrote the 66-year-old.

Russell Simmons remains in Bali amid ongoing rape allegations. Simmons is accused of violent sexual behavior or misconduct by more than a dozen women, with several sharing their traumatic stories in the 2020 On The Record documentary.

Drew Dixon, a former Def Jam A&R executive who was featured in the film, is currently suing Simmons for defamation for calling her a “liar” after she leveled claims of sexual assault. According to court documents, Simmons “has gone on a concerted and malicious campaign to discredit Ms. Dixon and to so damage her reputation” and “this defamation has exacerbated the paralyzation of Ms. Dixon professionally.”

Additionally, Simmons is being sued by another woman, a former music producer, who alleges she was raped by the famous music executive under the New York’s Adult Survivors Act and the New York City Gender Motivated Violence Act. In her suit, Jane Doe alleges Simmons made a “wrestling move,” pinned her down on his bed, and proceeded to rape her.

In a December 2023 clip from In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Simmons claimed to had taken lie detector tests for each “serious” allegation.

“I took nine lie detector tests, people don’t know that,” said Simmons. “Nine separate — seven from the Chairman of the Polygraph Association. One for each and serious accusation.”

He continued, “When someone said, for instance, ‘I was violent’ — one person said that — and I’ve never been violent. Took that. And one said I apologized. I never apologized about assaulting anyone. But if two people say it, because one said it, and #metoo, and the second person said it, then I took a test for it.”

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