Miami’s ‘Spring Breakup’ Initiative Will Enforce Stricter Curfews, Checkpoints and More in 2024 |

Miami’s ‘Spring Breakup’ Initiative Will Enforce Stricter Curfews, Checkpoints and More in 2024

Miami Beach has had enough of party animals taking over their streets.

via: People

In a new video campaign released on City of Miami Beach TV on Friday, the Florida city reiterated its plans to implement stricter rules for college students and tourists visiting Miami in March. They first announced the initiative in a press release on Feb. 13.

Throughout the entire month, the city’s Entertainment District will enforce a flat rate parking fee of $30 for parking garages and surface lots, according to their official website. In South Beach, the towing rate will double to $516 plus an additional $30 administrative fee for nonresidents.

Limited beach access on Ocean Drive will now close at 6 p.m. and have security checkpoints and bag checks for any prohibited items such as alcohol, coolers, tents and tables. Beach goers are also not allowed to play music from portable speakers.

The rules get stricter during the “highest-impact weekends” from March 7 to 10 and 14 to 17 as the city anticipates the largest spring break crowds then. All parking garages in South Beach will be closed from Thursday at 6 a.m. to Monday at 6 a.m. during these weekends and the flat rate parking fee will increase to $100.

Additionally, DUI checkpoints will be enforced and a License Plate Reader detail will be implemented by the Miami Beach Police Department on certain streets.

The video campaign references lawless behavior and deadly violence being city’s “breaking point.”

Last March, back-to-back shootings in South Beach left two people dead, including a student who was on vacation in Miami. Additionally, a total of 573 arrests were made during spring break in 2023, a spokesperson for the City of Miami Beach confirmed to PEOPLE.

In 2021, Miami Beach declared a state of emergency due to an influx of crowds amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The packed beaches resulted in an 8 p.m. curfew.

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