The Rock And Kevin Hart Smacked The Heck Out Of Each Other With Tortillas For A TikTok Challenge [Video] |

The Rock And Kevin Hart Smacked The Heck Out Of Each Other With Tortillas For A TikTok Challenge [Video]

Most times it’s lame when celebrities try to jump onto the latest fad the kids are into on social media, but we absolutely cannot stress enough how incredible this video of Kevin Hart and The Rock taking on TikTok’s tortilla challenge is.

via: People

“This will be the funniest thing,” Hart, 43, said as the two set up for the face-to-face game while exchanging plenty of colorful trash-talking.

After a back-and-forth about the proper way to hold the tortilla – in this case, what looked to be a spinach-flavored burrito-sized one – the action got underway.

“Don’t f—in knock me out,” Hart said, while laughing.

“Don’t f— around and put your whole hand back there,” Johnson replied, as off-camera, onlookers laughed.

“Should I wet my tortilla?” Hart asked, to which his sparring partner quickly shouted, “No!”

After taking swigs of water, a quick “Rock, Scissors, Paper,” game determined Hart would go first.

A slow-motion replay of the slap showed that Johnson kept the water in his mouth – the primary object of the viral game.

“You slapped the ever-loving s— out of me! I’m coming for you!” Johnson then joked, trying to make Hart spit out his water.

“I’m going to kill you!” he added.

After his playing partner ended up spitting some water mid-slap, Johnson claimed victory – but not before executing a few post-challenge slaps of his own.

“Well, this is us trying to keep up with the younger generation,” Hart replied, before Johnson added: “Never again.”

The duo have had quite the time while promoting their new movie, the latest in a string of comedic pairings that began with Central Intelligence in 2016. The stars also shared the screen in two Jumanji movies.

While walking the red carpet of the DC League of Super-Pets premiere at The Grove in Los Angeles on July 13, the actors chatted with PEOPLE about how they celebrate one another on their special days, following Hart’s recent birthday.

When asked what Johnson gave him for his big day on July 6, Hart told PEOPLE, “He didn’t get me anything. Not a damn thing.”

“I give him something every year — every year I send something to his house. Every year,” he continued. “But I’m a different kind of friend.”

In reply, the former WWE star shared that Hart got him “nothing” for his milestone 50th birthday, which he celebrated in May, despite the actor’s claims about doing so.

“[He got me] nothing,” Johnson joked adding that he and Hart are “best friends.”

DC League of Super Pets is in theaters July 29.

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