Rob Kardashian Says He Had to Hire Security to Protect Himself From Blac Chyna During Their Breakup

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are still battling out in court and newly-released documents reveal he had to hire security specifically to protect himself from her during their breakup.

via The Blast:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kardashian filed a response to his baby mama in his lawsuit against her saying she cost him in excess of $100,000, which included hiring security guards

The reality star says while Chyna claims the cost of any alleged damages she caused to his property only totals $5,000, he has the receipts to prove otherwise.

Kardashian claims that the damage caused by her “violent attack” was substantial, including more than $17,000 to “repair/and or replace only part of the property” Chyna destroyed.

He adds, “Plaintiff also incurred substantial costs in changing locks and hiring security to deter additional violent attacks on his person and property.”

Kardashian argues he is entitled to recover those costs from his baby mama over her “malicious attack on him.” He points out she is seeking hundreds of thousands in her separate lawsuit against him.

The docs state, “Invoices issued to Plaintiff prove that the cost of repairing and replacing some (but not all) of the property damage White caused exceeded $15,800 (including $12,695.47 to replace drywall, patch holes and repaint walls and $3,119.01 to replace the television White destroyed).”

The reality star adds that the partial bill for the damage she caused totals $17,697.48 and that doesn’t even include his broken cell phone or the costs he incurred having to change his locks and provide security at his home.

As The Blast first reported, Rob Kardashian sued his baby mama over an alleged incident that went down on December 14, 2016. He claims she “consumed a significant amount of drugs and alcohol” and proceeded to damage a television, break down a door, damage the walls, destroy his cell phone and smash a gingerbread house that was made for the holidays.

He also claimed that “Chyna lunged towards Rob with an iPhone charging cable and attempted to strangle Rob with the cord around his neck.”

Blac Chyna responded to the initial lawsuit by denying all allegations of wrongdoing. She argued that any alleged forceful conduct on her part was “caused and necessitated by the actions of Plaintiffs, and was reasonable and necessary for Defendant’s self-defense and defense of others.”

In recent court docs, Chyna argued the dollar amount of the damages she allegedly caused was minimal.

She claimed in docs, “Chyna will present evidence that the damaged gingerbread house was a gift to her from Kris Jenner and that Rob consented to the damage done to his t-shirt … Regarding the television set, Chyna has informed them … that she will reimburse Rob for the cost to replace the television.”

She said she will “generously value Rob’s t-shirt at $250” and totaled Rob’s damages at $4,992.01.

Chyna said in court docs that Rob Kardashian had no injuries claiming he posted a video on social media days later showing no marks, cuts or bruises.

He probably did need security — we’ve seen Chyna turn up!

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