Rob Kardashian Reveals He Weighs 240lbs, Hopes to Lose 40


Rob Kardashian made headlines lately for his obvious weight gain, but it’s good to know he’s working towards getting back to a healthy size. He revealed to Us Weekly during his birthday party at 1OAK in Las Vegas on March 15th:

I lost 5 to 7 [pounds] last week. I’m trying to lose 40,” he revealed. “It’s a little journey, but it’s good. . . I’m like 240 right now, probably 235.” Kardashian added that he hopes to reach his goal weight by July 4.

The sock designer said he packed on the pounds by eating “a lot of great food,” and now the single star is adhering to a low-carb diet. His slimdown motivation? “Beautiful women!” Kardashian admitted.

Kardashian isn’t in this alone, as he’s recruited friends to join him during his twice-daily workouts. “We go to do Runyon Canyon in L.A.,” he explained. “I’ll [exercise with] my own trainer at eight in the morning before all that.”

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