Rob Kardashian Hits Back at Blac Chyna, Says He's a Good Parent and Accuses Her of Wasting Valuable Public Resources |

Yesterday, Blac Chyna released a public statement to accuse Rob Kardashian and his nanny of mistreating Dream after she returned to Chyna’s house with not one, but two burns on her legs.

Now, Rob’s lawyer has issued a statement accusing Chyna of mischaracterizing Dream’s accident and trying to smear Rob’s name.

He writes:

“First and foremost, the health, safety and well-being of Dream is and has always been Rob’s top priority. Rob’s current nanny of the last two years has a high risk pregnancy and in the process of leaving his employment at will. Unfortunately Dream has had two accidents in the last month while with this nanny,” the statement read. “Rob treated Dream appropriately and Chyna was informed. Following an investigation by the DCFS and the police, in which Rob fully cooperated, he has every reason to believe that there will be no findings of any safety issues in his home.”

“It should be noted that on multiple occasions third parties have called on DCFS to visit Chyna’s home for treatment of Dream and within the last month, Dream has arrived to Rob from Chyna with many unexplained injuries including rashes, cuts, bruises and a dislocated arm,” the statement alleges. “Just this past Saturday while Chyna was claiming that she was so concerned about Dream’s safety, Chyna posted a video on Instagram depicting 3-year-old Dream on her 7-year-old brother’s back while he was jumping on a trampoline.”

“It is unfortunate that Chyna feels the need to publicly miscommunicate the situation and has once again wasted valuable public resources by calling first responders in a desperate attempt to smear Rob’s name in response to his ongoing lawsuit against her for full custody of their daughter,” the statement continued.

“In his ongoing lawsuit for full custody of Dream, Rob has had grave concerns about his daughter’s safety in Chyna’s care, and is grateful for the brave witnesses who have come forward to testify regarding the danger which Chyna presents their daughter in her home. His motion was set to be heard yesterday March 24 but will be moved due to the Coronavirus pandemic. He eagerly awaits the opportunity to present the available evidence at the earliest opportunity,” the statement added. “Neither Rob or Chyna have visitation as both parties have joint legal and physical custody as they have since 2017.”

It’s a shame all this is playing out so publicly.

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