Rihanna Takes More Jabs at Chris Brown [Photos]

Rihanna Chris Brown Diss 3

Is she talking about Chris? RiRi captions: ‘The reason y’all hoe niggaz can’t phase me #nonewfriends’

Man oh man.

After yesterday’s subtle disses back and forth, Rihanna fired back at Chris Brown with even more Instagram shenanigans. She posted a few pics of her and her girlfriends with captions that were sure to ruffle Chris’ feathers. She even threw in a Drake reference….#nonewfriends.

Rihanna Chris Brown Diss 2

‘Got a thang for a King, but chu ain’t a King,’ says Rihanna.

Check out a few more snaps from Rihanna’s night out below…

'Bad girls want a real niggaaa.... Cuz real niggaz just wanna phuck'

‘Bad girls want a real niggaaa…. Cuz real niggaz just wanna phuck’

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