Rihanna Reportedly Rented Out an Entire Hotel Floor So She Could Smoke 'Without Complaints'


When you have Rihanna coins, you can do Rihanna things — like rent out the entire floor of a hotel so you can smoke all the blunts you want without disturbing the ‘neighbors.’

via Daily Star:

A source told Daily Star Online: “Rihanna rented out the entire fourth floor during her stay so that people couldn’t complain about the smell if she smoked – if they did, she offered to pay for their room.

“Her wardrobe also took up a lot of space, she booked out a whole master suite so she could try her tour outfits on easily without being disturbed.”

While unconfirmed, it is thought Rihanna had a last minute costume fitting in the swanky hotel ahead of her Jacksonville show on March 12.

How considerate…

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