Rihanna Forgot To Bring Her ID To A Bar, So The Bouncer Refused To Let Her In Despite Her Being Rihanna [Photos + Video]

There are some people who are real sticklers for the rules.A bouncer at New York nightspot Barcade, refused Rihanna entry after the internationally famous superstar, whose face and name are global institutions, who has been on TV since she was 17 (16 years ago!)… forgot her ID.

via: The Blast

According to social media account PopFaction, they obtained video of Rihanna outside of a bar in New York City on June 23. In the video you can see RiRi and A$AP Rocky chatting with a burly guy in a black t-shirt.

Rihanna didn’t look too upset in the video; however, she did appear to be a bit annoyed. A$AP was right by her side trying to reason with the bouncer and flashed him a big ole smile.

Just so you know, Rihanna is 33-years-old and the legal drinking age in the USA is 21-years-old. She’s very much qualified to go into the bar, any bar for that matter, and enjoy a few libations after a long day.

Alas, the bouncer seemingly didn’t budge and PopFaction reports she was denied entry.

Naturally, Twitter users are beside themselves as a result. A recurring theme seems to be an undercurrent of spiteful glee at the singer’s predicament, a perceived punishment for not releasing a new album in five years

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