Rihanna and Beyoncé Fans are Going At It on Twitter Over an Alleged Shady Tweet [Photos]


Rihanna’s ‘Navy’ and Beyoncé’s ‘BeyHive’ can’t ever seem to get along on social media — and right now both sides are up in arms over an alleged shady tweet.

It all started with a tweet Rihanna supposedly favorited and then un-favorited that throws some shade at “Formation” and its chart position.


It reads, “The fact that ’Desperado’ is HIGHER on the Bubbling under chart than a single performed to a global audience.”

“Desperado” is a song from Rihanna’s latest album Anti. The “single performed to a global audience” referred to here is Beyonce’s “Formation,” which she performed at Super Bowl 50.

According to the circulating screenshot, the tweet was at one point listed under Rih’s ‘likes’ and the BeyHive isn’t feeling it.

The BeyHive went on the attack, the Navy went on defense, and well…take a look:

Screen-Shot-2016-03-01-at-5.25.40-PM-1456872154 Screen-Shot-2016-03-01-at-5.25.33-PM-1456872154 Screen-Shot-2016-03-01-at-5.25.13-PM-1456872155 Screen-Shot-2016-03-01-at-5.24.17-PM-1456872156 Screen-Shot-2016-03-01-at-5.25.03-PM-1456872157 Screen-Shot-2016-03-01-at-5.23.22-PM-1456872159




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