Rico Nasty Responds After Fans Accuse Saweetie of Stealing Her Style: 'Thank You for Fighting for Me'

Rico Nasty is taking the high road after her fans have accused fellow rapper Saweetie of stealing her style.

via Complex:

After releasing the video for “Sway With Me” off the Birds of Prey soundtrack, Saweetie was immediately accused of biting Rico’s look. Twitter users pointed to the spiky hairstyle Saweetie donned in the visual, with many claiming it was a ripoff of Rico’s signature punk-inspired ‘do.

Some particularly passionate fans were up in arms that Saweetie would dare to rock a hairstyle that Rico—and countless others—have donned in the past. Others even went so far as to say Saweetie didn’t deserve to be included on the song, arguing that Rico would’ve been a better fit.

After a day of drama, Rico addressed the issue on social media. The gist of her message? It’s not all that serious. 

“I don’t think [Saweetie] had anything to do with anything,” Rico wrote, suggesting Saweetie likely didn’t come up with the spiky-hair idea. “… I wasn’t the first black to wear spikes and thankfully I wont be the last.”

Peep Rico’s full response below.


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