Rico Nasty Jumps into Crowd After Bottle Thrown at Her [Photos + Video]

Rico Nasty has been makin the rounds as support on Playboi Carti’s most recent King Vamp tour. With both artists being known for their “raging” qualities, for lack of a better word, it’s no surprise that fans can get unruly during their shows. At a recent stop, however, that unruliness turned into straight disrespect in one of its more common forms as a concertgoer reportedly threw a bottle at Rico while performing.

via: Rap-Up

It almost went down after a concertgoer threw a bottle at the rapper while she was performing on Saturday night during Playboi Carti’s “King Vamp Tour” in Portland, Oregon. After the object was tossed at her direction on stage, the “Smack a Bitch” hitmaker decided to stop the show and confront the culprit.

“Who bitch? Be specific, don’t fu**in’ play. Who was it?” she asked the crowd before threatening to throw hands. “Somebody gon’ get this.”

Much to the surprise of the audience, Rico then jumped into the sea of fans as security chased after her. The clip doesn’t show how it ended.

There have been other contentious moments between Rico and Carti’s fans on the tour, which kicked off last month. She recently took to Twitter to voice her frustration over the disrespectful crowd.

“Anti black ass crowd,” Rico tweeted following a show at L.A.’s Forum. “Weak ass little boys wit blonde pubes . Ugh . Get me out of here.”

When a Carti fan told her that he was more excited to see Carti and opener Ken Car$on, she responded, “Those ni**as would spit on u irl ? it’s pathetic.”

Playboi Carti’s tour, formerly called the “Narcissist Tour,” still has over a month before it wraps Dec. 23 in Atlanta.

People have lost their minds out in these streets.

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