Ricky Smith Tweets From an Olive Garden Parking Lot After His Waitress Says She 'Doesn't Like Serving Blacks' [Photo]


Ricky Smith tweeted his experience from an Olive Garden parking lot after a Black waitress said “she doesn’t like serving blacks.”

via NY Daily News:

The comedian claimed late Tuesday night that he was asked to leave the Italian restaurant after requesting a new server.“Honestly am at a lost for words. Not leaving until the cops come and physically remove us,” Smith tweeted.

He and his friends asked for a different waitress, he said, but were told their “options were to have her as our waitress or leave.”

Smith, who founded the Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere project, then said his group went out into the parking lot of the Olive Garden, but refused to leave until the restaurant called the police.

Olive Garden responded to Smith’s tweets, asking him to direct message the account with more information.

In a statement to the Daily News, the restaurant said all guests are welcome at Olive Garden, and they would be investigating the matter.

We’re interested to hear what Olive Garden has to say about the matter.

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