Say What Now? Three Dead, Five Sick After Church Thanksgiving Dinner


Three people have died and five others are sick after a Thanksgiving meal sponsored by a church in Northern California.

via NY Daily News:

More than 800 hungry attendees came to eat dinner at the Golden Hills Community Church’s annual event at the American Legion Hall, most of whom were thought to be without families or homes.

The meal was a combined effort of dishes from a number of local restaurants, volunteers and non-profit organizations, the LA Times reported.

The Sutter Delta Medical Center in Antioch reported eight people who fell ill on Friday, all of whom ate at the Church’s Thanksgiving event. Their initial symptoms were characteristic of food poisoning.

Three of those admitted into the center never recovered. Four were treated and have now been released from the facility’s care. One is still recovering in hospital.

All of the victims lived in the same assisted care facility.

Health officials believe the string of illnesses is due to an outbreak of a food-borne affliction, but not a full-blown foodborne disease outbreak, the LA Times reported.

The Director of Environmental Health for Contra Costa County Health Services, Marilyn Underwood, said, “They could have gotten sick from the food they prepared at their living facility,” according to the report.

Further investigations into the mysterious string of illnesses are underway.

See…this is why proper food preparation & handling is SO important — especially when preparing food for others.

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