'RHOP' Star Monique Samuels Went To 'Many Therapy Sessions' After Candiace Dillard Fight

Monique reveals that her aggressive behavior at that moment has something to do with her childhood trauma.

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Monique Samuels’ brutal altercation with “The Real Housewives of Potomac” co-star Candiace Dillard takes a huge toll on her life. In a new interview with E! News, the Bravo personality revealed that the fight prompted her to undergo intense therapy to deal with the aftermath.

“I’ve had many therapy sessions after the fight. I started out with two therapists,” the 37-year-old said in the Wednesday, November 25 episode of “Just the Sip”. “I usually will counsel with my pastor or my godfather…but this time I wanted to take it a step further. I said, ‘I want to find someone who doesn’t know me, who’s going to be completely unbiased…to just, like, really dig deep and help me figure out what caused me to get to that point.’ ”

She went on to say that her aggresive behavior at that moment had something to do with her childhood trauma. “I actually learned I had some childhood triggers that I did not realize I developed over the years and that were harboring within me for a very long time,” she admitted.

Of her “blackout” moment during her incident with Candiace, Monique claimed that it “was the best way that I could describe the feeling that I felt.” She continued, “It was almost like my body was still moving but I was just not there. Then moments later, days later, everything started coming back. Certain pieces were coming back to the point where I wasn’t sure which order of events happened.”

The reality TV star revealed that she went uncontrollable once Candiace “swiped her hand too close to my face.” Her therapy session discovered that that particular gesture made her recall an incident when she was “beaten up by a little boy” and her dad. “He was very much a person that would stick his finger right in your face like, ‘What’d I say?!’ and as a child, you can’t do anything about it.”

“And in that moment is when I broke down in that session and my therapist was like, ‘Okay now this is starting to make sense why something that seems so small and insignificant to other people is major to you.’ She said it’s almost like that 5-year-old, 6-year-old Monique jumped out and said, ‘You are not going to put your hand in my face,’ ” Monique divulged.

The mom of three concluded, “I really wanted to investigate what my triggers were, what would cause me to get to that point. So now that I’m more aware of what those triggers are, nothing like this will happen again.”

Here’s hoping that Monique gets the healing she needs, it’s true what they say, hurt people hurt people.

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