RHOP: Karen Huger Walks Out of Her Own Event After Drama Erupts over Monique Samuels Invite [Video]

Over on ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Karen Huger and Candiace Dillard’s relationship took a turn for the worst.

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On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, following their dramatic trip to Portugal, the ladies gathered at Karen’s party in honor of her new wig line. But the event ended with its own host walking out after drama ensued over Monique Samuels’ invite to the get-together.

Prior to the event, Ashley Darby — whom Candiace had just confronted about writing a statement in defense of Monique — met with Monique for lunch. (Back in November 2019, both Monique and Candiace accused each other of second-degree assault, filing complaints directly with the District Court of Montgomery County in Maryland. In December, however, the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office informed lawyers for the costars that they would not be pursuing their ongoing cross complaints.)

To Ashley’s surprise, Monique revealed that Karen had been asking her to come to her launch party.

“She’s been asking me all weekend to come and I told her if I do come, I can come early — [she’s] obviously going to invite Candiace and I want to support [her], but I’m not ready to be in the same space as Candiace,” Monique, 37, told Ashley, 33.

“Girl, she said that you weren’t invited,” Ashley said.

A flashback from Portugal then showed Karen being asked if she planned to invite Monique to her event, to which she promptly replied, “No.”

In an attempt to confirm Karen’s words, Ashley called the LaDame fragrance founder, asking her to repeat what she had said in Portugal about Monique not being invited to the event — but Karen denied it.

“I don’t remember that … It’s people twisting my words,” said Karen, 57.

Meanwhile, one person was perfectly happy not to attend Karen’s event: Gizelle Bryant. “I’m sitting this one out,” Gizelle, 50, said in a confessional.

“I will not be attending Karen’s wig party because of her business partner, Steven, the dude that talks about me real bad on social media,” she said, calling out Karen’s creative director for the wig line, before also insinuating that Karen didn’t truly own the business: “And this is not even your business, it’s his business.”

Despite Gizelle’s absence, the event went on as planned — and kicked off with an early visit from Monique. “To lie about inviting me definitely hurt, but you know what? It’s her night. It’s her party. She’s going to do what she needs to do to protect her event, and I’m not mad about that,” Monique said in a confessional.

Showing up to support Karen, Monique arrived at the event about 30 minutes before the official start of the launch. Shortly after sitting down with Monique, the wig creator received a text from Candiace stating that she was on her way. Karen, who seemed flustered by Candiace’s message, informed Monique that Candiace would be arriving soon. Taking the hint, Monique awkwardly decided to make her exit.

“I thought we would be able to relax … have a glass of champagne and catch up,” Monique said in a confessional. “So I’m like, why are you rushing me out?”

Just minutes after Monique left, the rest of the girls arrived, including Candiace, Ashley, Robyn Dixon and Dr. Wendy Osefo. The evening got off to a good start, with the women having fun trying on wigs while enjoying cocktails and viewing Karen’s wig launch video.

But the vibes shifted after Ashley playfully presented Karen with a gift of Pepcid, joking that it was to help her with the ulcer she had complained about in Portugal. On the trip, Karen avoided over-indulging in alcohol due to her stomach issue, but Monique had shared with Ashley at their lunch ahead of the event that the “Grand Dame” did drink and “got lit” at Monique’s son’s birthday party days before — something that Ashley found odd.

“Let me real with you guys. When someone says, ‘Well, I’m not drinking right now,’ it should be okay,” Karen told the ladies after she received Ashley’s gift. “I was very uncomfortable, but every time I sat down, you’d be like, ‘Are you going to drink?’ … I felt like it was almost a setup.”

“What do you think you’re being set up for? Are you afraid of what you might say when you drink?” Robyn asked.

“No, I’m not! But you should be concerned with what Juan says when he’s drunk,” Karen said, calling out Robyn’s ex-husband turned fiancé.

And the spat didn’t end there. As Robyn, 41, contemplated what Karen meant about Juan, Ashley went on to confront Karen about Monique — still trying to get her to admit that she initially had said Monique would not be invited to the event out of respect for Candiace, yet invited her anyway.

“Monique made it clear that you did invite her to come. And then Monique herself suggested, ‘Well, maybe I should come to set up,'” Ashley told Karen, asking, “Why isn’t she here right now?”

“We have guests here. I’m going to ask you to be respectful. So I’m going to get ready and enjoy the rest of my evening. And thank you all for coming. Okay? Thank you,” Karen snapped at Ashley and the women.

In a confessional, Karen said, “I have warned these women … I am leaving the party because I’m simply embarrassed and I’m tired of this. It’s unacceptable. It looks stupid.”

The party host then grabbed her husband, Ray, and announced her departure from the venue as they walked out.

“How do you leave your own party the moment you get called out? Hello, welcome. Thank you for coming to this bulls—,” said Wendy, 36, as she watched Karen and Ray leave the event.

The remaining women then gathered outside of the venue, where Ashley relayed that Karen seemed to have invited both Candiace and Monique to come to the party early, before the rest of the guests arrived.

“There has to be an explanation — because she did. She called me and asked me to come early,” Candiace, 33, told the group.

“I think you should know this,” Ashley told Candiace. “Monique didn’t know you were going to come early. She said that Karen made it very clear that Monique should come and stand her ground and tell her own story because everyone else is telling the story for her. So she needs to be who she is and speak her piece.”

“So she’s more concerned about Monique’s status in the group than [about] your mental and emotional wellbeing?” Robyn wondered.

“There’s just something extra twisty about this knife with Karen, because I look up to Karen more than anybody else,” Candiace cried in a confessional. “It’s hurtful.”

“I’m on the receiving end of a lot of what appears to be Karen’s bulls—,” Candiace then told the ladies.

“I don’t know what else you need to see,” Wendy said. “But I’m telling you right now, she’s not your friend.”

On next week’s season finale, RHOP appears to go out with a bang with what looks like another big fight — but this time, between husbands. In an explosive trailer for next Sunday’s episode, Candiace and Ashley appear to call each out other out at a festive holiday function, leading to an altercation between their husbands in the middle of the event.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

The ladies of Potomac have been bringing it this season, they are guaranteeing an epic reunion.

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