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‘RHOA’ Star Porsha Williams’ Ex Dennis Settles Lawsuit Accusing Him of Fraud Over Hot Dog Business

The former hot dog king landed in some hot water.

via: Radar Online

Dennis McKinley recently settled a lawsuit that accused him of fraud as part of his Hot Dog business.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, a woman named Dezaree Lusk filed legal paperwork against McKinley in November 2022.

McKinley bought The Original Hot Dog Factory in 2014 and turned it into a successful business. Over the past several years, the ex-reality star started to allow others to open franchises.

In her suit, Lusk claimed she entered into a franchise agreement with McKinley. She said she paid him $30k “in return for the resources to franchise one of the [McKinley’s] companies.”

In her court filing, Lusk said “An estimated six months lapsed and [McKinley’s] company failed to provide the resources in which to build the franchise.”

Lusk said she reached out to McKinley about the situation. She claimed he agreed to refund the amount paid for the franchise.

The suit said McKinley agreed to pay back the full $30k to Lusk. Lusk said McKinley failed to make the payment and she took him to arbitration where she accused him of fraud.

In September 2022, Lusk said she was awarded $32,300 against McKinley. Per the arbitration award, McKinley was to pay the judgment within 20 days.

At the time Lusk filed her lawsuit in November 2022, she claimed McKinley had failed to make the $30k payment by the deadline.

She sued demanding the court confirm the arbitration award. In addition, she asked that the court appoint a receiver.

“Based on the actions of the [McKinley] towards [Lusk], there is substantive belief that [McKinley] will dispose of the monies owed to [Lusk] and remove [McKinley’s] ability to pay [Lusk] if the monies owed to [Lusk] are not held by a receiver until the final adjudication on the merits,” the suit said.

Lusk attached a screenshot of the alleged text exchange with Dennis. In the message, Williams’ ex wrote, “If you want a refund I’m head to do that. Easy.”

In October 2023, Lusk voluntarily dismissed the case. She claimed that the “parties entered into a settlement agreement in which the obligations of [McKinley] have been met to the satisfaction of [Lusk].”

The case was closed days later.

McKinley sold off The Hot Dog Factory business in October 2023.

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