#RHOA Exclusive: Here’s Why NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak are Feuding Over ‘Roaches’ and a Video + Eva Marcille Allegedly Refuses to Address Lesbian Rumors on Camera | lovebscott.com

#RHOA Exclusive: Here’s Why NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak are Feuding Over ‘Roaches’ and a Video + Eva Marcille Allegedly Refuses to Address Lesbian Rumors on Camera

If you’ve been keeping up, ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ OGs NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak are in the midst of a nasty feud — and we at lovebscott.com can exclusively tell you how it all started.

As you know, a few months ago NeNe threw a ‘girls and gays’ white party at her home. Kim was invited, but Kim’s daughter Brielle was not.

For some reason, Kroy drives Kim to ALL of her RHOA tapings and Brielle likes to tag along. Kroy and Brielle usually wait in the car, but Brielle wasn’t about to miss this party — so she put on her best white outfit and went along with her mom.

Our sources say that Kim kept complaining about bugs being in NeNe’s home. At one point, a flying bug landed on NeNe’s white couch and Kim smashed it — leaving behind a blood stain.

Kim also brought up during the party the fact that she saw NeNe’s Rolls-Royce parked in a handicapped parking spot while out shopping earlier. Combine that with Kim’s bug comments and the couch stain…NeNe wasn’t really feeling Kim from that point on.

Fast forward to the cast trip to Barcelona…

Our sources say NeNe and some of the other girls had a role in Kim getting ‘disinvited’ from the trip. Kim was adamant about bringing Kroy, but some of the girls felt it’s unfair that Kim always brings her husband and likes to do her own thing when none of the other ladies can bring guests to cast-only outings.

While in Barcelona, the girls called Kim and the topic of Kim being disinvited from the trip came up. It’s unclear exactly what was said, but Kim got off the call and was SUPER pissed at NeNe.

That’s when Kim allegedly sent a video to Sheree.

The video was taken by Kim’s daughter Brielle way back at NeNe’s white party and is said to show roaches crawling around in one of NeNe’s bathrooms.

We haven’t seen the video and can’t say if they’re real roaches or not, but whatever commentary Brielle’s making in the video explains why NeNe took aim at her behavior on Instagram. 

Update: NeNe released the video via Instagram. We don’t see any roaches — just a massive bug that clearly got in from outside.

Moving on…

As we exclusively reported prior to Eva’s official announcement, she’s back filming with the ladies. Production sources were hoping for some drama after things got a little messy at Kandi’s ‘Essence’ magazine cover party, but we hear Eva’s not quite bringing the spark they had hoped for.

We hear that when Eva first began filming with the girls, someone brought up rumors of Eva’s alleged lesbian relationships with Missy Elliott and Queen Latifah (you love muffins can Google that tea for yourselves). Eva denied the rumors on camera, but later cussed out the girl who brought them up OFF camera…allegedly.

Our source says that Eva didn’t want any mention of her alleged lesbian past because her boyfriend, Michael Sterling, is running for mayor. She doesn’t want to do or say anything that could be damaging to his campaign — hence why production feels she’s been stagnant.

And there it is! ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ premieres Nov 5 on Bravo!

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