WHO Reports Largest 24-Hour Rise in Coronavirus Cases Thus Far

The majority of the United States is opening back up this week amid the coronavirus pandemic, however the pandemic is far from over.

via NYDN:

On Sunday, the World Health Organization reported 183,000 new cases of coronavirus over the past 24 hours, marking the largest increase in cases in one day since the pandemic began. More than two-thirds of the 4,743 deaths in that period occurred in the Americas, with Brazil and the United States placing first and second with 54,771 and 36,617 infections, respectively. In third place, India reported 15,400 new coronavirus cases.

Experts say that the increase in cases can be attributed to both increased testing capacity and widespread infection. Brazil, in particular, has seen skyrocketing case numbers with a total number of deaths second only to the United States as President Jair Bolsonaro continues to try and downplay the risks of the pandemic.

In all, WHO has reported 8.7 million cases of coronavirus worldwide since the pandemic began, and 461,715 total deaths.

We’re not out of the woods yet — take precautions and protect yourselves.

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