Report: Kathy Griffin's Estranged Husband 'Devastated' After Comedian Files for Divorce |

Report: Kathy Griffin’s Estranged Husband ‘Devastated’ After Comedian Files for Divorce

Kathy Griffin filed for divorce from husband Randy Bick just a few days shy of their fourth wedding anniversary.

via: Radar Online

Griffin’s estranged husband, Bick, is reportedly planning to make a windfall off their divorce by writing a tell-all, has learned.

In December 2023, just days before their fourth wedding anniversary, Griffin, 63, filed for divorce from Bick, 45, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

According to the National Enquirer, an insider claims the shocking split has turned the 45-year-old’s world upside down.

“Randy didn’t just lose his wife, he lost his job when Kathy filed for divorce,” a source said. “He is devastated, alone and unemployed. She was his entire world.”

Back in June 2023, Griffin performed for the first time in five years. She gushed about the evening on social media.

“I don’t have an agent, manager or publicist anymore. My husband is my tour manager and I negotiated the deal myself,” the comedian wrote in the Instagram video.

“Which leaves him with no other choice than to write a book revealing her secrets — including exactly what happened with her former best friend Anderson Cooper!” the tipster added.

As this outlet reported, Griffin revealed last May that she’s never made up with the CNN anchor since their falling out in 2017, which was sparked by a controversial post from the comedian that featured her holding up a fake severed head resembling ex-president Donald Trump.

Cooper denounced Griffin’s actions in May 2017 and the two effectively ended their close friendship. Griffin not only lost her relationship with Cooper, but also several brand deals and her co-hosting spot alongside the news anchor on CNN’s New Years Eve broadcast.

Griffin opened up about the falling out on the Club Random podcast with Bill Maher.

Griffin confessed to Maher that the friendship breakup was “kind of a personal thing” and “a tough situation.”

After noting that her 2021 lung cancer diagnosis helped her become a stronger and more resilient person, Maher asked if she would be ready to “get over that” drama with Cooper.

“Sure. Of course,” Griffin answered. “I don’t know that he’s interested. But I mean, you know, I also don’t have like a need to like, hang out with people that maybe weren’t so kosher.”

“I didn’t think we were Hollywood friends. I thought we were legit friends,” Griffin continued, adding the former pal’s bond was the type that you could “bare your souls to each other and you’re there for each other when this one’s having a tough day.”

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