Report: Elliot Page Being Compared to Jussie Smollett Over Alleged ‘Transphobic Attack’: ‘Smells Fishy’

Former UFC welterweight Jake Shields is just one of the people calling to question actor Elliot Page’s claims of being attacked by a transphobe.

via: Radar Online

Elliot Page — the Juno actor formerly known as Ellen Page who identifies as a man — isn’t getting the reaction he anticipated when describing an alleged transphobic attack.

After claiming he was confronted by a man who “threatened to assault” him, people compared the actor’s story to disgraced Empire alum Jussie Smollett, who was convicted on five felony counts over a race hoax in 2019, labeling Page “Elliot Smollett,” has learned.

In a memoir released Tuesday, Elliot described a moment he was allegedly accosted while walking the streets of Los Angeles in 2022.

The Umbrella Academy star, 36, claimed the man “threatened to assault” him by screaming, “I’m going to f—— gay bash you, f—–.” According to Elliot, he ran into a nearby convenience store, where employees helped him.

“From the other side of the door, the man allegedly yelled: ‘This is why I need a gun!’” a Los Angeles Times columnist wrote, quoting Elliot. “Now when I’m in Los Angeles, I don’t feel comfortable like I used to going for walks,” the actor told the outlet.

Admitting he is privileged enough to hire security, Elliot stated that it “doesn’t mean it’s not traumatic. But I have resources that, in every instance that is difficult, protect and can shield me from these things.”

But social media users aren’t on board with Elliot’s story, claiming it “smells fishy,” and comparing her to Smollett, who was convicted of lying to Chicago police after claiming he was assaulted for being Black.

“Oh please-Jussie Smollett 2.o,” one naysayer tweeted.

“They were also overheard shouting ‘This is MAGA country!’” another teased. “Los Angeles is inhospitable to the trans community. Page’s attackers reportedly said ‘Welcome to Magadonia.’” wrote a third.

Someone else went into great lengths to claim that Elliot was “not a real man” for how he reacted to the alleged threat.

“I do not believe this for the same reason I did not believe Jussie Smollett. Just smells fishy,” the person commented. “Elliot Page was born female, and this is how an hysterical female acts, not a real man. A real man would have given it right back to the attacker, not run to the press crying.

“A real man doesn’t need constant affirmation the way trans men do,” the user continued. “A real man doesn’t make things up for attention, because he is the star of his own life. He LEADS, not follows. ‘ELLIOT’ Page looks like a boy in ‘his’ topless photo, but ‘he’ still sounds like the woman ‘he’ was born to be.”

Elliot announced in December 2020 that he was transgender — 6 years after coming out as a lesbian. In 2021, the actor spoke out about undergoing transgender surgery.

This is why what Jussie did was so harmful, now when people come forward with their experiences they have to deal with not being believed.

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