Report: Drugs Found at Prince's Home Were 'Falsely Labeled'

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In the months following Prince’s death, the investigation has revealed that drugs collected from his Paisley Park estate were counterfeit pills that contained fentanyl, a powerful painkiller that contributed to his death.

via USA Today:

Nearly two dozen pills found in one Aleve bottle were falsely labeled “Watson 385,” an official told the Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation. According to, that stamp is used to identify pills containing a mix of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, the AP reports. But the official also said at least one of the pills tested positive for fentanyl.

In June, autopsy results attributed the 57-year-old musician’s death to an accidental fentanyl overdose. The musician weighed 112 pounds and the quantity of the drug in his body would have killed anyone, reports the Star Tribune in Minneapolis.

Prince did not have a prescription for fentanyl, an opioid many times more powerful than morphine, according to the Star Tribune, which added that investigators are leaning toward the theory that he took the pills without knowing they contained fentanyl.

Among the discoveries, the source told AP: Of the dozens of pills seized from Paisley Park, some were found to have other drugs in them, some were oxycodone or codeine, and some weren’t controlled substances. Tablets were found in a dressing room, but the vast majority were in aspirin and vitamin C bottles tucked inside a suitcase and bags — including one Prince often carried. Some pills that were analyzed contained fentanyl, lidocaine and U-47700, a synthetic drug more powerful than morphine. A prescription bottle in someone else’s name held 10 oxycodone pills.

Prince had many of these pills with him on April 15, when the airplane he was on made an emergency stop in Moline, Ill., after he fell ill from a suspected drug overdose as he was heading home from a performance in Atlanta, the source said.

Tests ordered by doctors before his death don’t show fentanyl in his system, which according to the official who talked to AP means that the singer wasn’t a longtime abuser of that drug and likely took the fatal dose less than 24 hours before his death.

We STILL can’t believe Prince is gone.

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