Ray J 911 Call on Girlfriend Princess Love Released, Says He's Afraid She'll Kill Them Both [Audio]

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Ray J and Princess Love might have one of the most volatile relationships in reality TV.

If you recall, last month Ray J called 911 to report Princess’ threats of suicide — but in the newly released call it’s also revealed that Ray J was afraid she’d kill him too.

The call happened just a few days after Earl Hayes killed himself and girlfriend Stephanie Moseley — which Ray mentioned to the operator several times.

‘She’s threatening to kill herself because I wanted to end the relationship… I went back to try and find the gun, but she won’t show it to me,’ said Ray.

He continued, ‘I don’t want to be in the house because Earl just killed his girlfriend, I’m thinking she might kill me.’

That’s a crazy thing to say about someone you’re romantically involved with. Listen to the audio below.

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