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Rapper NLE Choppa Claims Drugs Were ‘Planted’ On Him During Arrest [Photo]

Memphis hip-hop star NLE Choppa has fired back at Florida police days after his arrest in the state on gun, drug and burglary charges.

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The famous musician took to Instagram on Thursday to break his silence on the recent incident, where he was arrested for a host of charges including possession of Xanax, Cannabis and carrying a concealed firearm.

In the statement, Choppa is clear — the “substances were planted” on him and he does not use or consume anything that was found at the scene.

In the shocking statement, entitled “Stay Woke,” NLE Choppa describes the events which led to his arrest and claims “a certain group of people” may be behind his criminal charges.

“To begin when you start changing lives around you and began to stand for something deep in your purpose you become a target to a certain group of people and also the devil. During this arrest I was set up, substances were planted on me that I don’t consume/use/own, my name was lied upon, and I was even mistreated in the process,” he began.

He continued, “Every media outlet, news channel, and etc. covered this story to paint a picture on a new surface I’ve been working so hard to create. This case will be beaten and I will walk a free man, remember it’s innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent. Asking my supporting to stand firm with me and allow God to do his work. Thank you and love y’all dearly.”

It’s unclear who he alleges “planted” the drugs at the scene — and the rapper doesn’t reveal who THAT “group of people” is who might be behind trying to set him up.

According to reports, Choppa was arrested on possession of Xanax, cannabis, and synthetic cannabis charges. He’s also facing burglary of an unoccupied structure and carrying a concealed firearm charges.

The famous rapper allegedly was stopped near a tow yard in Florida, where cops say they found a Glock 27 with an extended magazine and an AK-47 Draco pistol in the vehicle. At the time, he fully-loaded guns were not claimed by anyone on the scene. Plus, police claim they also discovered a purple and yellow backpack containing seven grams of marijuana and three and a half Xanax pills. On the scene, cops say Choppa claimed ownership of the bag.

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