Rapper Chika Defends Her Heterosexual Relationship After Accused Of Betraying LGBTQ Community

Chika was labeled gay after she rose to fame back in 2019, she added to the rumors and came out publicly as a lesbian.

via: AceShowbiz

Chika has found new love in some gentleman, but not everyone is happy for her. The Alabama rap star has landed in hot water after debuting her new boyfriend on social media, with some people accusing her of turning her back on the LGBTQ+ community.

The 25-year-old showed off her romance on Twitter by sharing her photos with her man. The pictures saw them strolling the street side by side and kissing among other things they did together. She also included appropriate captions for each of them.

“i said we couldn’t take affectionate pics since we just friends,” she wrote of the first picture. For the second snap, she penned, “he told be to stfu (respectfully).” She cheekily captioned the third, “I shut my a** up.”

She then explained the fourth picture, which she dubbed her favorite, “he was being verbally accosted by a nice street-dwelling gentleman and i somehow managed to escape the conversation.”

After sharing the images over the weekend, social media users falsely think that Chika is no longer gay. “Damn Chika done turned in her [rainbow emoji] card,” one person commented. Another claimed, “Trans man I bet.”

A third chimed in, “It’s not at all shocking to me women flip and flop all the time even local friends of mine but let a man do it women have all kinds of problems with that such a double standard.”

Chika, who actually identifies herself as bisexual, not gay, later returned to the blue bird app on Sunday, February 19 to defend her heterosexual relationship. “people are bewildered that you can not only be a member of the LGBTQ+ community despite being in a heterosexual relationship, but also disbelieving that a straight cis man would be with me or appeal to me,” she tweeted, before urging her haters to “seek help.”

In a separate tweet, she clapped back at the critics, “Mfs be projecting hard asf onto people who really just be happy lmao. Just be quiet for once, chile.” She went on explaining her relationship, “It gives me woman confident in her equal masc/femme energy & man secure in his own masculinity enough to love me regardless. Since we’re sharing.”

Leave people alone.

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