Radio Host Angela Yee Buys Detroit Building to Support Formerly Incarcerated Women

Media personality, Angela Yee, has always made sure to give back as she continues to grow.

via: CBS News

Yee, who bought a 30-unit building in Midtown, plans to use 10 units for formerly incarcerated women.

“We’re providing housing for people who really need it,” she said. “It’s a real struggle for people once they get incarcerated to find adequate housing.”

She says the investment is less about making money and more about making a difference.

“I feel like the best and most satisfying thing is when somebody is like, you changed my life,” she said.

One of Yee’s partners is Dr. Topeka K. Sam, who started Ladies of Hope Ministries to help formerly incarcerated women.

Sam was once in prison herself and now helps thousands of women recently released from prisons across the country.

She also provides housing for them in several states.

“What’s so exciting about this project is that we’re getting people a true fresh start and opportunity,” she said.

On Wednesday, Yee and her partners toured the building to make final decisions on the design.

Jasmine Brand, who is also one of her investment partners, says she loved the idea of giving back.

She says seeing the progress is exciting.

“It’s really like it has a lot of potential, and you can see it come to fruition, so I’m super excited to see something start and blossom,” Brand said.

Yee is no stranger to investing in Metro Detroit. She owns a hair store in Hazel Park and previously rehabbed a home in the Boston Edison neighborhood.

The Midtown project is different than her other ventures, and she hopes it will have the impact she envisions.

“For me, if I can be successful the way that I have and make the money that I’ve made, there is no reason for me to do that on my own and not do anything that’s not going to help the next person,” she said.

Yee says they are hopeful the building will be complete in May 2024.

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