Rachel Dolezal's Parents Speak Out: We Taught Our Children Not to Lie! [Video]


The parents of Rachel Dolezal appeared on TODAY this morning to discuss the controversy surrounding their daughter.

During their appearance, Lawrence and Ruthanne Dolezal revealed that it was never their intention to maliciously expose their daughter’s true racial identity; instead, both parents claimed they revealed the truth about their daughter because, simply put, they’re not liars.

“Somehow, they got wind of us as her parents as a possibility and so they contacted us to see if we were in fact her parents. We taught our children, as we raised all 6 of them, ‘Tell the truth. Always be honest.’ So we weren’t going to lie, we told the truth. Rachel is our birth daughter.”

Ruthanne believes that Rachel lied about her racial identity “to damage her biological family” and “serve her purposes in her mind,” later stating that she and Lawrence “hope that Rachel will get the help that she needs to deal with her identity issues.”

Watch the interview below.

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