R. Kelly Witness Says She Was Forced to Get an Abortion, Smear Herself With Feces

An R. Kelly accuser gave an emotional testimony during the federal racketeering trial of the disgraced singer.

via: Daily Beast

One of R. Kelly’s accusers broke down on the stand Monday as she gave harrowing testimony about the abuse she endured from the disgraced singer during their five-year relationship, describing how he gave her bruises during frequent spankings and even forced her to get an abortion in 2017.

“He had expressed that he had still wanted me to keep my body tight and he wanted to have a family after he got rid of the rest of the girls,” Jane Doe 5 told jurors in Brooklyn federal court at Kelly’s racketeering and sex crimes trial.

The woman told jurors that she met Kelly at a hotel when she was a 17-year-old high school student, after one of his concerts in Orlando, Florida. During their five-year relationship, she lived with Kelly and his girlfriends in Atlanta and Chicago, and was routinely punished whenever she deviated from his “rules.”

During their first meeting, she said Kelly “peer-pressured” her into letting him perform oral sex on her, she testified. After that, Jane Doe 5, who had told Kelly she was 18, met up with the singer at several of his concerts across the country. Months later, she said she started to experience severe pain whenever they had sex.

“I would have discomfort in my pelvis and lower abdomen,” the woman, now 23, said. “It got to the point where I couldn’t even physically walk.”

The pain became so bad that Kelly eventually scheduled a doctor’s appointment for Jane Doe 5, at which point she learned that she had contracted vaginal herpes. When she told Kelly, the Grammy-award-winning singer was “agitated” and insisted that she could have gotten the disease months before they met—but she told him she had only ever been intimate with him, the woman testified.

“This man purposely gave me something he knew he had had. That he could have controlled,” Jane Doe 5 said angrily on the stand, as Kelly sat emotionless.

Breaking down on the stand, Jane explained that she and the other live-in girlfriends were forced to adhere to Kelly’s strict rules, including wearing baggy clothing and turning away from men who entered elevators. To ensure their silence and loyalty to Kelly, she said they were forced to write at least four fake letters every year that claimed they’d stolen money or had been molested by family members.

“They were to basically exploit us to protect him,” she explained.

Jane said she was also forced to record demeaning videos of herself as punishment—including one where she had to smear feces on her face and put it in her mouth.

Afterward filming the degrading video, Kelly allegedly told her she “wasn’t into it enough” and that she “would have to redo it.” Jane said she refused.

The accuser said Kelly physically abused her on a regular basis, once beating her with a size 12 Air Force 1 shoe after she lied about texting her high-school friend.

“He hit me all over. My arms, my face, my butt,” she said. At the time, she weighed less than 100 pounds and was under five feet.

Another time, Kelly kept her inside a room in his Chicago studio for over three days after she bought the wrong sized pair of Hollister sweat pants. The most common punishment, Jane Doe 5 explained to jurors, came in the form of spanking—or as Kelly would call it, “chastising.”

“He would leave bruises and it would sometimes make my skin tear,” Jane Doe 5 said, adding that Kelly would dole out the vile punishment every two to three days. “[Kelly] said that it was just a spanking to help me remember” his rules.

Jane Doe 5 is the second accuser to take the stand against Kelly. He is facing several charges, including sexual exploitation of children, racketeering based on kidnapping and forced labor. The 54-year-old singer also has pending criminal cases in Minnesota and Illinois. Kelly is facing 10 years to life in prison if convicted in the New York case.

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