Quentin Miller Responds to Drake's 'Duppy Freestyle' Line: 'It Was a Publix, Actually' [Photo] | lovebscott.com

Quentin Miller Responds to Drake’s ‘Duppy Freestyle’ Line: ‘It Was a Publix, Actually’ [Photo]

Quentin Miller, the alleged ghostwriter responsible for writing several of Drake’s hit songs, took to Twitter to correct one of Drake’s line in his Pusha-T diss track, “Duppy Freestyle.”

On “Duppy Freestyle” Drake raps:

“And as for Q, man I changed his life a couple times/ N*gga was at Kroger working double time/ Ya’ll acting like he made the boy when I was trying to help the guy.”

For whatever reason, Quentin tweeted that Drake was wrong — he worked at a Publix grocery store, not Kroger.


He also used the moment to promote his own music.

If you missed Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle,” click here to listen.

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