Private School Makes Student Athletes Sign a Contract Agreeing to Stand During the National Anthem Amid Protests [Video]

A Florida private school is making student-athletes sign a contract saying they will stand during the national anthem amid NFL protests.

via NYDN:

Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Fla., is standing by its decision to have players sign the contract, even though many parents are frustrated they were not notified before their kids signed, according to WJXT.

The letter said students had to stand out of respect for the flag and it came just days after national protests took place in the NFL. NFL players took a knee in protest to police brutality as well as comments made by President Donald Trump saying players should be fired for kneeling.

Jacksonville’s NFL team, the Jaguars, took a knee while the national anthem played before their game on Sept. 24.

Based on the students’ contract, if they tried to protest in a similar way during the national anthem, they’d be escorted off the field and might not be allowed to play the rest of the season.

One father, who asked not to be identified, told WJXT his concerns go beyond the protest. He wants parents to be notified of their children having to sign any kind of contract before they do.

“My son was required to sign a contract pretty much stating that he would not be allowed to express some of his rights and that letter was not sent home to be reviewed by the parent,” said the football player’s father.

Trinity Christian Academy released a statement to WJXT about the letter.

“Along with all of our community, Trinity Christian Academy acknowledges the important conversations regarding issues impacting our country. We decided it was best to remind our students of the school’s tradition when it comes to the playing of our National Anthem.”

Parents should have definitely been notified of this ‘agreement’ prior to forcing their children to sign it.

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