A List of Pride Month Celebration Ideas We Think You Should Consider

5 Pride Month Celebration Ideas You Should Put on Your To-Do List

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While the mid-day marches and bashes may seem to reside at the core of Pride Month observance, there are many other celebration ideas out here. For most, the annual events often give attendees a sense of social emancipation. From crafty costumes to bows and beads, the festivities are truly endless.

However, for some, crowd-hopping isn’t on their agenda for commemorating the occasion, and they’d prefer to show up within the LGBTQIA+ community in other ways. Whether you’d rather rock out on the rainbow or rollick under the radar, there’s no “right” way to honor Pride Month. Finding outlets to express yourself and have fun on your terms is what it’s all about. So use those 30 days (and each day after that) to love on yourself and live for yourself. Be it in the company of others or by yourself.

Determining what Pride looks like for you is important to making the absolute most of it.

Pride Month Celebration Ideas to Consider

1. Sign Up for an LGBTQIA+ Community

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Finding an organization dedicated to the queer experience is a great way to celebrate Pride Month. It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the folx or an ally; joining (or even donating to) initiatives for the cause can be enjoyable and educational. These non-profit foundations normally include promotional activities, volunteer opportunities, and philanthropy work. Becoming a member of a physical or virtual space for LGBTQIA+ people and advocating for identity equality could give you a lifelong community that may be essential to your journey.

Groups to give back/participate:

2. Make T-Shirts to Support the Cause

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Because who doesn’t love a graphic tee? With the era of Cricut machines, Canva, and print-on-demand companies dominating the apparel arena, designing your own T-shirts isn’t as complicated as it used to be. As long as you abide by copyright laws, sell with a purpose! Get creative! All proceeds from each creation could go to your LGBTQIA+ movement of choice.

3. Host a Trivia Game Night

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Everyone needs a fun night with loved ones every once in a while. Why not make it exciting AND enlightening? See how much your non-queer friends know about LGBTQIA+ history with an intriguing trivia game. Bust out the booze and leave the snacks to your guests. To add an extra touch, have each attendee bring a dish that’s one of the colors in the rainbow. Winner takes home a shot glass and feather boa. Sounds like a plan?

4. Book a Photoshoot


Pride Month is about LOVE, and the greatest of all comes from within. Pay tribute to yourself with a self-appreciation photoshoot. Pull out your best fit and represent who you are in the most extravagant way. There’s no better feeling than embracing the person you’ve become. It’s time to shine, flash your statement look, and take over the lens! These stunning shots could be blown up and serve as monumental marks throughout your home or posted online to inspire others to be their truest selves.

5. Do Something Bold

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Die your hair a cool color, or hit up your nearest tattoo shop! There’s nothing like getting inked up and changing your appearance during Pride Month. It’s (for sure) on the ‘Top Things to Do to Stand Out’ list. Whether you’re a community member or raising your fist in solidarity, it’s always dope to live life on the edge!

Which of these Pride Month celebration ideas will you try? Share with us below!

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