Ways to Celebrate Pride Month at Work: 5 Creative Things to Do

The Best Ways to Celebrate Pride Month at Work & Have Fun While You’re at It

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The conversation of inclusivity on the job still isn’t talked about as much as it should be, especially in terms of the queer community. However, implementing ways to celebrate Pride Month at work brings it back to the forefront.

With diversity already scarce in the corporate world, employers displaying allyship for sexual minorities is necessary. As if the odds aren’t stacked against women and people of color alike, queer people are (even more) singled out in white-collar settings.

In many instances, the slightest mention of one’s gender identification can hinder their professional progression. From co-workers to CEOs, LGBTQIA+ employees are unfairly discriminated against, which is why it’s important to build a table for dialogue regarding LGBTQIA+ rights that extends far beyond Pride Month.

Creative Ways to Celebrate Pride Month at Work

Dress with Pride

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Most decorations for “politically correct” holidays swing from ceiling to ceiling in top establishments. However, a multi-colored flag or figurine is nowhere to be found during its respective day(s). Scheduling a “Wear a Rainbow to Work Day” is a great tool for incorporating visibility for LGBTQIA+ workers. Hold a “Best-Dressed” competition at the end of the shift and throw in some cool prizes. Make social engagement the focus and cultivate a lane for fellowship that sets the foundation for long-lasting connections and contributions in the office.

Host a One-Day Workshop

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Educating the staff on queer-related issues in the workforce is a much-needed source for exercising LGBTQIA+ advocacy on the job. Discuss pronoun usage, social obstacles, and more. Have individuals speak on their own experiences to enlighten others. Liven it up through informational activities, refreshments, and plenty of pamphlets attendees can take with them.

Group Decor Party

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Start Pride Month by gathering employees to hang up decorations around the office. Honor the observance with rainbow banners to desktop favors! Make it a small, festive event with snacks, music, and games. This not only shows support for your LGBTQIA+ colleagues but fosters inclusion within the workplace. #QUEEREMPLOYEESMATTER

LGBTQIA+ Movie/Book Club

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Utilizing the conference or break room for weekly meetings is even more exciting when it’s filled with entertainment! Pick an LGBTQIA+ film of the week to watch or choose a piece of literature that focuses on the queer experience monthly to read and later discuss. These types of interactions make room for relationship-building and learning avenues for those who aren’t familiar with the culture.

Hold a Charity Event

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Unfortunately, many LGBTQIA+ people are oppressed in more ways than one. So, it’s important to support the community. You could have a drop-box where employees could donate food and necessary items for LGBTQIA+ homeless youth programs. Whatever cause you choose to tackle, all proceeds would go to an organization dedicated to concerns of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our workplaces are more than just jobs but spaces built by a diverse array of employees. It’s essential to ensure everyone feels included and heard. So use these celebration ideas not just during Pride month but throughout the year.

Which ways to celebrate Pride Month at work will you add to your calendar? Let us know in the comments below!

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