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Police Say Argument Likely Led to Shooting at Kansas City Super Bowl Celebration

The shooting that wounded more than 20 people and killed a beloved mother and local DJ at a celebration for the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl Victory appears to stem from a personal dispute, authorities said on Thursday.

via: New York Times

Stacey Graves, the city’s police chief, said there was no indication that the shooting was connected to terrorism. At least 21 people were wounded, in addition to the woman who died, and they ranged in age from 8 to 47 years old, Chief Graves said. At least half of the wounded were younger than 16. The woman who died was identified as Elizabeth Galvan, 43.

The authorities have said that three people were detained in connection to the shooting on Wednesday afternoon. Two of them, the police said, were younger than 18. No charges have been filed.

“I’m angered about what occurred in our city yesterday,” Chief Graves said.

The shooting, which erupted as thousands of football fans had crowded into downtown Kansas City after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win, suddenly turned a day of revelry into one of chaos and confusion. As shots rang out, people ran for cover.

Chief Graves praised the response of her department’s officers and firefighters, and also noted that civilians themselves had sprung into action. Videos had captured one parade attendee tackling a person as others ran from the gunshots.

“Those in attendance also responded,” Chief Graves said. “They helped one another and even physically stopped a person who was believed to be involved in the incident.”

The shooting took place near the city’s Union Station, a hub that draws tourists to the city each year.

Gun violence has been falling in some parts of the country, but Kansas City, Mo., saw a record number of homicides in 2023. There were 183 murders last year, more than the previous record of 179 in 2020.

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