Police Release Mother's Frantic 911 Call After Son Fell in With Gorillas [Video]


Now that police are investigating the parents of the 4-year-old who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnatti Zoo earlier this week, 911 calls related to the incident have been released.

“My son fell in with the gorilla,” Michelle Gregg, the mother of the child who fell in the exhibit told the 911 dispatcher. “There’s a male gorilla standing over him. I need someone to contact the police.” 

In addition to the mother’s frantic call, several others nearby called to report what was happening

Caller one: “There is a baby in the zoo that fell in the gorilla moat. Hurry! The gorillas are out.”

Caller two: “Hi, we’re at the Cincinnati Zoo a baby fell in the gorilla cage and everyone is screaming.”

Check out video of the calls below.


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