Pimp My High? Xzibit Sued for Allegedly Selling Pesticide-Laced Marijuana

Xzibit is being accused of selling cannabis vaping products that have been contaminated with pesticide.

via NYDN:

A Los Angeles man filed a proposed class action suit Thursday claiming the rapper’s Brass Knuckles line of THC oil concentrates seriously strained his health and failed to deliver on a promise of superior potency.

Plaintiff Ignacio Lee alleges he began using Brass Knuckles vaping cartridges in July 2016 and consistently repurchased the “Candy Apple” and “Sour Diesel” varieties because he saw Xzibit, 44, pushing the products on his Instagram page.

“In approximately January 2017, Mr. Lee began experiencing symptoms of fatigue, headaches and nausea but dismissed his symptoms as general fatigue,” the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court and obtained by the Daily News states. 

“Mr. Lee’s symptoms progressed to chest pain, shortness of breath, wheezing at night and difficulty breathing,” the paperwork claims. “Mr. Lee stopped use of the products altogether in approximately August 2017 and his symptoms abated.”

In September 2017, Lee conducted an “independent lab test” on the Candy Apple line at Steep Hill Labs and received a report that claimed the product had “detectable amounts of pesticides including Bifenazate, Etoxazole, Myclobutanil and Trifloxystrobin,” the 22-page complaint states.A follow-up test of the Sour Diesel line at pH Labs returned similar results, the lawsuit alleges.

Lee claims the tests also found the potency levels of Candy Apple and Sour Diesel were 59% and 77.3% respectively.

“Despite defendants’ representations to the contrary, many competing vape cartridges have substantially higher potencies,” the paperwork states.

We’re not saying Xzibit’s right, but we wonder how many cannabis products on the market are also contaminated with pesticide.

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