People Surprised Napster Is Still Around After T-Pain Shared Image on How Much Streaming Platforms Pay Artists [Photos]

Singer T-Pain garnered tens of thousands of reactions with a viral tweet shedding light on how little music artists get paid on streaming services. Twitter users were most shocked that Napster still exists.

via: Complex

According to the screenshot T-Pain shared, the OG streaming platform, which merged with Rhapsody after being purchased by Best Buy, paid artists the most money for streams when compared to heavy-hitters like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. Specifically, the screenshot of the chart shows how many times a song has to be streamed in order for the artist to make $1. It’s important to note that the numbers featured on the chart have not been verified.

Napster filed for bankruptcy in June 2002 after being hit with several lawsuits. The peer-to-peer file sharing software service was founded by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker in 1999.

After posting the chart on Twitter, T-Pain wrote, “I see a lot of ‘well I guess I’ll use the best one’ and not ‘we gotta make our owm.’ Keep in mind, most artists don’t even get the whole $1. I’m just letting the up and coming know what the real is. I worked for mine and there are tons of ways around this if you move right.”

In addition to being shocked by the payout rates of each streaming service, many fans were simply amazed that Napster is even still around in 2021, so check out some of the shocked reactions to T-Pain’s tweet below.

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