People Have a Lot to Say About Yung Joc’s New Fake Beard [Photos + Video]

Yung Joc is rocking a brand new look. The rapper/reality star added a ‘beard weave’ to his face, according to his barber.

via: Complex

Joc also displayed his temporary transformation in a couple of Instagram videos, showing himself getting a touch up with clippers.

Beard weaves and installations have become increasingly popular over the past 10 years, as more and more men are willing to shell out hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars to go from “baby-faced” to rugged. However, many Twitter users weren’t exactly impressed with the 37-year-old’s new look. Many fans began roasting Joc for his decision, while others poked fun at the fact that he struggled to grow facial hair.

Joc addressed some of the criticism in a social media video, implying he got the beard weave for some kind of acting role.

“Y’all act like I don’t be in little movies and shit like that … I wanted a beard, hell. Y’all got a problem with my beard?” he said. “I don’t give a shit if I look crazy or not. This ain’t like I’m wearing this shit like it’s me. Y’all know I don’t grow no facial hair … I’m not doing this for a chick. I’m getting paid to play a part, a role … I don’t care if it don’t look right … At the end of the day, I troll this shit out of y’all.”

You can read some of the reactions to Joc’s fake facial hair below.

Joc has always been on his own wave. He like it, we love it.

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