Paula Jai Parker Condemns Cassie’s Diddy Lawsuit: “I Don’t Get It” [Photos] |

Paula Jai Parker Condemns Cassie’s Diddy Lawsuit: “I Don’t Get It” [Photos]

Paula Jai Parker questioned Cassie’s sexual abuse allegations against Diddy.

via: Vibe

On Thursday night (Nov. 16), the actress hit X/Twitter, unloading on the singer for failing to tell the Bad Boy boss “no.” Parker used a series of xweets to assert that, due to Cassie’s inability to stand up for herself when she was 19, she was not “built” for the industry. However, she did insist that she wasn’t saying that Cassie was lying but “at what point does pleasing your man become all this.”

“As an #SA victor, one would think I get it, but I don’t,” she xweeted. “I was a child, looking for nothing from anyone. But yall called us #thirsty 4 protecting what’s mine but it ain’t thirsty when you forget 2protect ur behind? I’m sorry but I don’t get it, I used to be 19 and I was in the industry and I was quite capable of saying no. You’re between a rock and a hard place in this industry. You suffer no matter your choice. So why not choose #God. It worked for #Jesus.”

“I wish someone would have said that to the 3yo me that couldn’t say no but by 19 we’re all strong enough to make choices that affect the rest of our lives,” the Friday entertainer said. “If you can’t say no, you’re not built for it. Take that midnight train now before you get yourself in trouble. I’m not saying it didn’t happen I’m saying she wasn’t complaining about being his ‘woman’ and the fame that came [with] it. What goes on between man and woman is just that. At what point does pleasing ur ‘man’ become all this…only chicks dating freaky millionaires.”

As she continued, she then began questioning Cassie’s “victimhood.” Parker admitted that she struggled to believe that Ventura was a “sex slave.” She then Paula expressed that Cassie deserves to be paid by Puff but explained that she is “tired of women making poor choices.”

“I’m trying so hard to see the victim here, but do sex slaves usually get to pick their sex partners in 5 hotels? I think yall just don’t like [Diddy]. But he didn’t invent the game he just plays it,” she continued. “Hubby thinks I don’t like her, but that’s not true. I don’t like chicks that take the easy route and get mad when it doesn’t pan out. God Bless the Child who’s got his own.

“But yes, I believe she deserves compensation. It was like a marriage, and she became accustomed to the lifestyle and after all that stuff she wrote she did, I don’t think he was ever really going to marry her, ew Did U read that [lawsuit]? It sounds like something out of a penny dreadful. Im tired of women making poor choices that affect us all. Setting a precedent that leaves us vulnerable…Maybe I’m jaded cause I’m here, I live it and see it everyday. The pretty ones with little talent take what they want while the rest of us depend on God. The Bible says bribery is ok in business. Give a lil 2 get ahead. So she did. He shoulda took the deal,” she concluded.

On social media, folks ripped Paula for “victim blaming.”

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