Pattern of Behavior? 14-Year-Old Molly O'Malia Caught Telling ANOTHER Rapper She's 18 -- See the Leaked Screenshots [Photos]


Molly O’Malia, the 14-year-old at the center of a bizarre texting scandal involving OK! magazine and rapper Tyga, apparently has a thing for talking to older rappers on Instagram.

Last week, Molly, her mother, and her attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference in which they blasted the magazine over a story they ran about Molly’s alleged relationship with Tyga. During the conference, she and her attorney directed their accusations against OK! for violating her privacy, not Tyga.

In fact, the only thing they actually accused Tyga of was trying to FaceTime her — which she said made her feel uncomfortable.

According to newly-leaked screenshots from Molly’s Instagram account, this isn’t the first time Molly’s spoken to an adult rapper and lied about her age.

We received an email this evening that contains the alleged conversation between Molly and a relatively unknown rapper named Bobo Norco.

In the screenshots taken from Instagram, user ‘MollyOMalia’ tells Bobo to check out her music before asking ‘What do I have to do to get your attention?’

Bobo replies, inquiring about her artistry and she says he’s ‘cute.’ She then tells the rapper that she’s 18 and moving to Los Angeles as soon as she finishes school — which is coincidentally similar to the conversation she had with Tyga.

We admit, despite the borderline flirtatious nature of the conversation she had with Tyga (in which she said she was 17, nearing 18) we DID think it was strange for Molly to hold an entire press conference to basically say that nothing happened.

Could it be that she’s (or the adult/parent/person ultimately responsible for this child’s well being) just looking for a boost to her music career? Did Tyga almost fall for the jailbait?


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