Pardi Shares Heartfelt Poem Amid Megan Thee Stallion Break Up Rumors [Video]

Every few months, rumors that Megan Thee Stallion and Pardison Fontaine have broke-up hit the internet. Here we are again.

via: HotNewHipHop

Have Megan Thee Stallion and Pardi split? The rumors have swirled around the internet over the past few months after she unfollowed him on Instagram. Days later, fans believed that they spent Valentine’s Day together. Although they might not be as public about their relationship these days, Pardi seemingly shut down rumors altogether during his first poetry reading. The rapper hit Instagram with a clip of his performing, captioning the post, “Never done poetry before… thought this was fitting, thank you @dapoetrylounge_co for allowing me to share this.”

“… Most beautiful women in the whole audience. The piece I’m about to do it is about another beautiful woman that I know,” he began to a room full of snap. “You want acknowledgment for your bravery, not sympathy/ You wanna be held tight and kissed gently,” he says during the storm. While fans also recently noticed that Pardi unfollowed Megan recently, the uplifting piece he recited had fans under the impression that they are still together. However, others felt like he might be trying to win her back.

Pardison Fontaine and Megan Thee Stallion have been together for a little over two years at this point. As the story goes, they initially met while working on the “Savage (Remix)” ft Beyoncé, which Pardi has writing credits on. A few months later, they worked together on Cardi B’s “WAP,” another record with Pardi’s fingerprints all over. Eventually, Megan confirmed that Pardi is her “boo” and they began showing out at events together.

Ultimately, the couple has been subject to break-up rumors for a while now. In early 2022, Pardi took to Instagram to address rumors that he and Megan Thee Stallion split over abuse allegations. “Stop this cap nobody puttin hands on nobody … (At least not in that way),” he wrote. “Been seein the break up rumors and was lettin y’all imaginations run … but y’all gettin too crazy … ain’t give n— a story so they made one … we really been on it double time,” he wrote.

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