Panera Bread Customer Furious After Finding 'This Stupid B*tch' Written on Her Receipt

A Georgia woman is angry with Panera Bread after finding the words ‘this stupid b*tch’ on her receipt during a recent lunch visit.

via NYDN:


The woman, who opted not to be identified, told the outlet she was in shock. She immediately went to the manager about it, but wasn’t pleased with their response.

“I was floored. What are your morals? What does Panera Bread stand for?” she questioned.

According to WSB-TV, the manager offered to speak with the cashier about their behavior and remake the salad. The insulted customer decided to leave and reach out to someone in corporate about the situation.

She claimed it didn’t seem to be “a big deal” to higher ups.

“The response I got from them just didn’t feel like they felt like it was a big deal,” she said.

Frustrated, she turned to social media. She told WSB-TV doing so satisfied her need for appropriate action from the company.

“I feel like if I didn’t use social media as my platform, I don’t feel like I would have been heard,” she explained.

Panera Bread issued a statement to WSB-TV in response to the woman’s Facebook post.

“At Panera, we have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior and the associate has been terminated as a result of this situation. We are focused on fostering a warm and welcoming environment for everyone, and this incident is not indicative of the way that we treat our guests,” the statement read.

Still, the woman says she won’t be returning to Panera Bread again.

That employee should’ve been fired on the spot.

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