P. J. Washington Calls A Cap On Rumors He's Paying Brittany Renner $200K A Month In Child Support [Photos] | lovebscott.com

P. J. Washington Calls A Cap On Rumors He’s Paying Brittany Renner $200K A Month In Child Support [Photos]

Following his split from fitness model Brittany Renner, Charlotte Hornets player PJ Washington is putting some rumors regarding child support to rest.

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Based on the athlete’s response, there seems to be no truth to the alleged sum of the monthly child support payment. Setting things straight for once and all, the 22-year-old implored to everyone to stop spreading the false story as writing, “Stop the [cap].”

Brittany herself has given a more straightforward response. “What money?” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “People actually believed that 200K a month post??? Chile I thought it was a damn joke oh wow.”

The rumors went viral earlier this week that P. J. might have to pay his baby mama $200k a month in child support following their breakup. Fans have since trolled the Charlotte Hornets star for possibly having to shell out $2.4 million a year for 18 years, while he is currently making $7.8 million a year with his rookie deal.

“PJ Washington can’t even afford that level of child support for 18 years this is awful,” one fan pitied P. J. Another imagined what the power forward should do to afford it, “PJ Washington gon have to make a couple all star games and all nba teams to people able to make them child support payments…”

Siding with P. J., a third chimed in, “Brittany Renner out here saying this, and P.j Washington still having to pay so much money every month is a crime…” Another joked, “PJ Washington researching how to hire a hitman to take out Brittany Renner after she hit him with the $200K/month child support payments for the next 18 years secured.”

P. J. and Brittany confirmed their relationship in February of this year, though they were believed to have been dating for over a year at the time. In March, they announced they’re expecting their first child and welcomed their baby boy in May.

In July, they sparked split rumors, with P. J. seemingly accusing her of “faking” relationship to get a baby out of him. “You was faking it all along,” so read his cryptic tweet.

For what it’s worth, Renner has yet to comment on their breakup or the rumors regarding child support payments. All posts featuring Washington have since been scrubbed from her Instagram account.

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