OnlyFans is Launching a Contest for Fashion Designers, Featuring Sir John, Law Roach and More [Video]

For the second edition of its Creative Fund project, the OnlyFans platform has decided to focus on fashion with a project that seems to follow the classic reality shows dedicated to fashion design with a panel of celebrity stylist.

via: WWD

The initiative is meant to serve as a launch pad for fashion creators and designers and will be documented as a series that will air under OFTV, OnlyFans’ free video platform.

Applicants will be judged by a panel that includes stylists Law Roach and Maeve Reilly and makeup artist Sir John. Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff will serve as the mentor and reality TV star Francesca Farago will be the host. The fund’s first iteration took place last year and centered on the music industry in the U.K.

“The OnlyFans Creative Fund provides creators the opportunity to have their work reviewed by leading forces in the fashion industry that will help them jumpstart their careers,” said OnlyFans chief executive officer, Ami Gan. “OnlyFans is a creator-first platform and has always had a commitment to support its creators across a range of verticals. This is one additional pulse point we’re giving our community around this sentiment.”

Creators and designers can apply for the OnlyFans Creative Fund by submitting five of their best designs or styled looks along with a short submission video. Six applicants will be chosen and flown to Los Angeles to participate in the content series.

“OnlyFans allows creators to engage with communities in a very dynamic and personal way,” Minkoff said about why OnlyFans is the right platform to discover fashion talent. “Fashion is such a fast-paced and cluttered industry, so a platform like OnlyFans encourages more discovery and interactions between creators and their communities. This type of connection is something that I’ve always championed, especially back in the day when it was uncommon for brands to speak with customers directly on social media.”

Minkoff also explained she has her own OnlyFans account where she shares insights with her community on how she started her journey as a fashion designer and entrepreneur.

Three winners will be selected for the fund, with the first-place winner receiving $50,000 and the second and third place winners receiving $25,000 each.

OnlyFans first launched in 2016 as a platform for content creators to earn money from their subscribers directly on a monthly or pay-per-view basis. Over the pandemic, the platform grew in popularity as sex workers and adult entertainers began using OnlyFans more frequently to monetize their professions. OnlyFans was embroiled in controversy last summer when it announced it was barring “sexually explicit content” from the platform, which would impact many of its users. The platform later reversed its decision as it faced growing backlash.

OnlyFans is also used by many other artists and entertainers to monetize their work. To date, the platform has paid out over $6 billion in creator earnings and has over 180 million registered users and two million creators worldwide, according to OnlyFans.

“OnlyFans is the safest and most inclusive social media platform,” Gan explained. “All creators are empowered to own their full potential by expressing themselves through content they develop for their audience. The OnlyFans Creative Fund aims to amplify creators within the fashion space while shining a light on how they can harness the power of the platform to foster communities, monetize their content and engage with their audience.”

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